The 4th Lisbon Architecture Triennale Starts on October 5th



The Form of Form starts on the holiday that celebrates the implementation of the Portuguese Republic with exhibition openings, debates, book presentations and many other activities. The intensive programme of the opening week will give a sneak-peek into what will follow until 11 December. The Lisbon Architecture Triennale invites you to join this celebration of architecture and the city. Book on your calendar.

via Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

via Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Four main exhibitions 

This edition’s programme articulates around exhibitions that focus on fundamental aspects of contemporary architecture, from authorship to construction, from the city to logistics. 

The Form of Form, MAAT Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology 

Building Site, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 

The World in Our Eyes, Garagem Sul – Centro Cultural de Belém 

Sines: Seaside Logistics, Triennale’s HQ

Seven Satellites

In order to expand the debate and to amplify its resonance with the city, the Satellites unfold into exhibitions and events that allow to reconsider the geographic dimension of Lisbon and its landscape, from Trafaria to Amadora, including Paços do Concelho. 

Ruins of the Apocalypse 

Limits of Landscape 

Letters to the Mayor 

Object- Project 

The Power of Experiment 

A Triangular History 

2016 – Ennials 

Associated Projects & Sidekicks 

Twelve Associated Projects and a number of Sidekicks will expand the programme and explore the many dimensions of the city, its architecture and its relevance to the contemporary architectural culture. 

Other Lisbon

One of the Associated Projects consists in a set of free guided tours in Lisbon. The first one will happen on 8 October at Parque das Nações-Moscavide-Olivais Norte, conducted by Álvaro Domingues. The tours starts at 10.30am 

Bookings at: / 92 713 62 91 

© Tiago Casanova

© Tiago Casanova

Check the Activities of the Lisbon Triennale

Throughout the several weeks the Lisbon Triennale presents a vast programme of activities focussed on critical reflexion, debate and experimentation of architecture. These activities are directed to people of all ages and talents and rely on the collaboration of several specialists in the areas of architecture, art, literature and education.


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