Se Yoon Park Uses Architectural Techniques to Symbolize Life in Sculptures





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After working for OMA, BIG, FR-EE and REXarchitect-turned-artist Se Yoon Park has dedicated the last three years to Light, Darkness, and the Tree, a sculpture series employing digital fabrication techniques to express an allegory for life. With assistants, Vladislav Markov, Kelly Koh, David Temann Lu, Ramon Rivera, Kara Moats, and Insil Jang, Park uses dynamic light and shadow to capture movement on surfaces that contort, split and disappear into each other. 

In Light and Darkness, Park capitalizes on a variety of material qualities: wood, steel, and polyurethane resin provide structure, while ceramic and 3D printed Polyamide capture and diffuse light. Tree of Life is composed of multiple cast and hand-dyed units of Light and Darkness, delicately aggregated in a bond-free cantilever system. This balance is emblematic; for Park, the duality of the light and shadow in the sculpture recall the duality of life, while the tree, continuously and cyclically consuming and producing, captures divinity in nature.

Courtesy of Se Yoon Park

Courtesy of Se Yoon Park

News via Se Yoon Park


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