Burned Cathedral of St. Sava Begins Reconstruction Process in New York

Instagram photo by Christopher Beckman * Aug 21, 2016 at 9:33pm UTC


Almost four months after going up in flames, the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava has begun the process of rebuilding in the Flatiron district of New York. On the night of May 1, a four-alarm fire blazed through the 1851 building by Richard Upjohn, burning the majority of the church. 

In the time since the fire-which was caused accidentally by improperly extinguished candles-church officials have been working with city government agencies and have determined that the addition of metal beams and other small reinforcements will be sufficient to salvage the remaining structure of the church.

Burnt down this week in NYC ….candles possible cause. Sad.


With the addition of these beams, reconstruction inside the parish hall will be able to proceed.

The shoring of the 25th Street wall has been required as well as waterproofing, says church executive board member Lidija Nikolic. Shoring and bracing was broadened to the entire building as opposed to previous specification to only to the east and west walls. This should be completed by the first week of September.

A look inside #nyc #stsava


The process of approval for the reconstruction designs will take six months to a year, as the Landmarks Preservation Commission will make final decisions concerning design parameters.

A complete loss. The Serbian Orthodox church was destroyed by a fire that sprang from candles that had not been extinguished completely. #fire #church #noroof #chelsea #nomad #nyc


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