Video: Inside Sou Fujimoto’s Pavilion at HOUSE VISION Tokyo 2016





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In this video, French architect and filmmaker Vincent Hecht takes us inside “Rental Space Tower,” Sou Fujimoto’s pavilion at HOUSE VISION Tokyo 2016. Designed in partnership with residential leasing and management company Daito Trust Construction, the structure aims to challenge the conventional typologies of rental housing, maximizing the amount of shared space within the complex.

Check out the video for a look inside the structure, and continue reading for more on the concept behind the design.

Courtesy of HOUSE VISION Tokyo

Courtesy of HOUSE VISION Tokyo

While traditional rental buildings are configured for exclusive occupancy, Fujimoto’s design optimizes private space while creating a system of shared spaces, including kitchens, baths, theater rooms and gardens, linked by a series of pathways and green terraces.

Unlike house sharing, where all living spaces outside of the bedroom are shared, in “Rental Space Tower,” private and shared areas are clearly divided into individual units, then reorganized to create an internal community. Instead of dull, empty double-loaded corridors, circulation spaces are transformed into “vibrant composite spaces.”

Through these strategies, the designers hope to create a place where “one can have a luxurious kitchen to enjoy cooking skills, a spacious bathtub in which to stretch your body, and an extensive library to read books for diversion.”

See images from all of the pavilions at HOUSE VISION Tokyo 2016 here.


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